Editors' pick

Au Revoir Simone


Editorial Review

After-party electro-pop. You keep waiting for things to get light and bouncy, but these Brooklyn girls keep it pretty dreary throughout their third album. Seriously, why so sad? You're young and attractive and live in Brooklyn. Wait, maybe that's it. Maybe we're finally at the point where people are starting to realize that equation actually is pretty depressing. Mopey works better than sugary, though, and when they moan "Only You Can Make Me Happy" and beg to "Take Me As I Am" over soothing keyboards that never bubble up into anything too perky it sounds pretty nice. Eventually you just want to bring them all in for a group hug and tell them the sun will come out tomorrow. Albeit, over your far-too-expensive Williamsburg loft.

--David Malitz, May 2009