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Editorial Review

Sisters strum sounds of summer
By Dan Miller
Friday, April 12, 2013

Given a few defining characteristics, Bleached sounds a lot like you might expect. The California sisters play beachy guitar pop that will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth for melody.

Jennifer and Jessica Clavin’s debut, “Ride Your Heart,” is a refreshingly uncomplicated summer soundtrack -- a pop album with rough edges and a youthful, boy-crazy energy.

Songs such as opener “Looking for a Fight” have a garage-band feel with simple chord progressions and sing-shouted vocals. Slower numbers such as the country-inflected ballad “Guy Like You” have a washed-out feel, with jangly acoustic strumming and a slide guitar.

Lyrically, the sisters fixate on romantic frustration. On “Guy Like You,” they sing, “I saw him standing there and I knew I had to make him mine / And the boys these days aren’t really my kind of guys.” Their charming delivery almost evokes nostalgia for the times you were ignored by the object of your affection.

“Dead in the Head” is the most enjoyable track, featuring an incredibly catchy chorus with growling guitars and the refrain “I never wanted to lose the boy I loved the most.” Other highlights include the bubbly “Love Spells” and the brooding “Outta My Mind.”

Cut from the same cloth as Best Coast, Bleached combines a ’60s girl-group mentality with a do-it-yourself garage-band aesthetic, pulling it off with charm and finesse.