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Editorial Review

We don't like to use the term "can't miss" all that much, because it's a little hackneyed and it can also set people up for a letdown. But if we were going to, we'd break it out for the Broadcast show at the Black Cat. The British group's first three albums and handful of EPs showcase an atmospheric, futuristic, indie/electronic hybrid sound that's unique in today's music environment. "Tender Buttons," Broadcast's latest, is a bit of a departure from the group's past work because of the departure of two band members. It's a much more stripped-down affair, trading in lush layering for a sparser feel. There's a hissing static that pops up on many of the songs, which combined with the elementary electronic sounds makes for an almost "Legend of Zelda"-soundtrack feel. Singer Trish Keenan possesses a captivating voice that manages to be the main focus without ever being overwhelming. It will be interesting to see how the now-duo handles its material given the new lineup (don't be surprised to see additional touring members), but given Broadcast's track record, you won't be blamed for expecting the best.

--David Malitz (Nov. 2005)