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Camp Lo

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Editorial Review

Despite the fact that Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suade's insular slang was nearly indecipherable, the hip-hop duo known as Camp Lo had some huge singles in the '90s that can still get the party live. "Luchini" and "Black Nostaljack" earned them a couple of slots among the classics, but it was a sexy Janet Jackson loop on 1996's "Coolie High" that first got DJs checking for Profile Records again. With a throwback style reminiscent of a Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier buddy film, Camp Lo's "Uptown Saturday Night" long player was a sleeper underground hit. Over the years they'd pop back up with bangers like "Glow" but couldn't catch on again with the masses. Now they're reunited with original producer Ski, who also helmed the boards for Jay-Z's early work. The resulting new album and mixtape are promising, and much like Ghostface Killah has done over the years, the Lo boys have simplified their heavily coded lyrics to good effect. Get a taste at Liv tonight.

-- Rhome Anderson (Aug. 2007)