Dancing Crab Restaurant

Crabs, Seafood
$$$$ ($15-$24)
A divey crab shack in upper northwest.
Mon-Thu 11 am-10 pm
Fri 11 am-11 pm
Sat-Sun noon-11 pm
(Tenleytown/AU Park)
Tenleytown-AU (Red Line)

Editorial Review

The Food section rated this restaurant's crab cake for a July 2009 story about the area's best.

Whether you order them broiled or fried, the verdict's the same: If the crab cakes were as well-seasoned as the server (22-plus years of experience) and the celebrity photos on the wall (Tom Cruise, pre-Scientology, and Raquel Welch, pre-plastic surgery), they could have been contenders. Besides East Coast crab, the cakes contain unsalted cracker crumbs, egg, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, mayonnaise and parsley; the latter is prominent enough to lend an herb-y appeal. The broiled ones get dry, while the fried ones have an okay crunch.

Two 3.5- to 4-ounce lump-backfin crab cakes, $26

(July 29, 2009)