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Dark Meat


Editorial Review

Dark Meat is spectacle rock at its finest. Imagine a dozen or so drugged-out, Captain Beefheart-loving hippies invading a children's birthday party and you have a rough idea of what it's like to see the Athens, Ga., group. There is churning psych rock madness, enhanced by a full horn section of bleary-eyed weirdos skronkily bleating their lungs out. There will be all varieties of party favors launched from the stage -- streamers, balloons, confetti. The last time the band played at the Red & the Black, a leafblower was prominently involved. The music can't help but be somewhat of an afterthought, but there's a reason the show isn't at Palace of Wonders. Being able to see a band with more than a dozen members play in a room that only comfortably holds a few dozen people is a rare opportunity. This much is certain -- you won't see anything else like it for a long while.

--David Malitz (June 2009)