Dave Matthews Band with Gary Clark Jr.


Editorial Review

Best reason not to tailgate

Well, maybe the best reason not to tailgate is that it's officially banned at Jiffy Lube Live. So this category instead could be called "best reason to be in your seat on time." Seeking out new artists might not be a priority for people attending a Dave Matthews Band concert in 2012, but Gary Clark Jr. is a newcomer with a classic sound. He's a blues-rock guitar hotshot -- a little Jimi, a little Stevie Ray, a little Clapton. There are two reasons for those lofty comparisons. One, Clark's immense talent as a guitarist puts him on the same level as those legends. Two, it's a sound that has disappeared from the mainstream. Here's the guy who can single-handedly bring it back.

--David Malitz, June 1, 2012