Death By Sexy


Editorial Review

Mark Jenkins wrote about Death By Sexy in January 2007 for The Washington Post:

It's appropriate that Death by Sexy took its name from an Eagles of Death Metal album title, since both bands employ a two-man lineup. On their "Big Hit" EP, singer-guitarist J.R. and drummer-singer Dex are less eclectic than those Eagles, but then they have only five songs to show their range.

Punkier than Nitro Tokyo, Death by Sexy sometimes channels the Stooges, with J.R. prone to repeating "tonight/all right" couplets until they become defiant mantras. The duo is big on imperatives, with such titles as "Blow My Mind" and "Leave Me Out." It's the latter that provides the disc's Glitter-ing highlight: a breakdown that consists of nothing more than a beat, a series of "whoa-ohs" and the title phrase.