Derek Evry and His Band of Misanthropes


Editorial Review

Album review: "Here's to Better Misery"
By Moira E. McLaughlin
Friday, September 7, 2012

Local musician Derek Evry’s new album, “Here’s to Better Misery,” is full of the kind of energy that only rock-and-roll can provide. The record begins with high intensity and doesn’t let up: no ballads, no fabricated production techniques that might slow the vibe. It’s all guitars, bass and drums, and most of it is Evry, playing everything but the drums and the occasional bass and vocal line.

Great radio-friendly rock tunes fill the album, and Evry’s not afraid to put all of his emotions out there. On “Tell Everyone,” he sings about begging people to come to his show: “It’s like they don’t wanna see / It’s like they hate the way you sing.” The lyrics may sound weak, but the words contrast the amped up and distorted guitars. A listener can almost feel the artist letting it all out.

Evry may turn things up, but he does so smartly and tastefully. Nowhere is that more obvious than in his solo guitar lines that pop, scream or halt unexpectedly, as on the very memorable “All I’m Saying.” The same is true for “Wait for You,” which includes a Rush-like guitar lick that adds to the rock drama before the song ends with a hoarse-sounding Evry.

The album is a great rock-and-roll romp. But maybe even more impressive is the real and organic feeling of the collection. It seems that Evry didn’t overthink anything, instead going with what he felt at the moment. And that was good-old, loud rock-and-roll.