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Editorial Review

Chris Richards reviewed a July 2006 Diplo performance for The Washington Post:

Headliner Diplo followed, his turntables set up on the margins of the stage. Sure, the Philadelphia DJ-turned- tastemaker knows how to set dance floors aflame, but could he possibly trump the boundless energy of CSS?

Yup. Turns out all he had to do was play the hits. But on Diplo's playlist, hits come in many stripes: Guns N' Roses riffs bounce to electro beats, dancehall riddims rub up against new-wave synths, Missy Elliott spits over Clash instrumentals with a new urgency. Diplo dropped these signature mash-ups to the crowd's delight.

His turntablist toolbox included a projector on which he could cue up music videos. As he scratched a record back and forth on the platter, the corresponding image would twitch and jerk on screen. The highlight came during a Baltimore club remix of the Beatles' "Twist and Shout," with the Fab Four convulsing in an epileptic fit. By then, the sweaty bodies in the crowd were dancing in a similar fashion.