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Double Dagger


Editorial Review

You know how there are rules for "Fight Club"? There are rules for Nightlife Agenda, too. One of those rules is: If Double Dagger plays in D.C., the show gets mentioned. We're sticklers for rules around here so we have no choice but to inform you that Baltimore's finest will be gracing the Black Cat's backstage, and probably a bit of the floor in front of the stage, with their presence. The band's new EP "Masks" manages to continue to expand on their maximum/minimalist sound. As in, you can't believe how loud a band that uses just bass, drums and voice can be. Double Dagger has never shied away from writing catchy songs, even if their post-apocalyptic take on pop sounds is more brutal than bouncy. But new songs such as "Imitation Is the Most Boring Form of Flattery" and "Sleeping With the TV On" are almost head-nodders. Almost. Still more bone crushers. Future Islands and Ed Schrader open at the Black Cat.

--David Malitz, April 2010