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Drop The Lime


Editorial Review

New York producer Drop the Lime (a.k.a. Luca Venezia) has branched out beyond creating dance music that fuses electro, dubstep and Baltimore club; remixing the likes of Robyn and Moby; or releasing tunes by AC Slater and Dexplicit on his own Trouble & Bass label. Now he's fronting a band - seriously, a band - that builds three-minute songs around rockabilly's taught guitar riffs and honking horns, then punches them up with electro's pumping bass and banging drums. It's insanely catchy, just the kind of thing even your parents might like if you turn it on in the car when you're visiting for Thanksgiving. (You can watch the videos for "Hot as Hell" and "Shake Baby Shake" on YouTube for a taste.) Drop the Lime brings the whole band - backup dancers and all - to U Street Music Hall for a show with in-demand Irish DJs Japanese Popstars and D.C.'s own Stereo Faith.