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Edie Sedgwick


Editorial Review

Mark Jenkins wrote about Edie Sedgwick in November 2008 for The Washington Post:

On his -- yes, his -- first album, Edie Sedgwick presented 14 slices of cinematic life, each named for a Hollywood star. Like most filmgoers, Sedgwick conflated actors with their roles, so that "Sigourney Weaver" drew on the "Alien" series, and "Sally Field" was mostly about "Norma Rae."

Now "Things Are Getting Sinister & Sinisterer" expands both the concept and the sound.

Sedgwick is actually Antelope singer-guitarist (and Washington Post employee) Justin Moyer, recording under the name of the 1960s Andy Warhol "superstar." He's still singing about movie actors, but his latest songs include ones named for President Bush and "March of the Penguins." And although 2005's "Her Love is Real . . . but She Is Not" consisted of simple synth-pop ditties, the new album features dense, unruly punk-funk. The music is bass-heavy, with multi-tracked vocals sometimes multiplying Sedgwick's voice into a chattering crowd. The lyrics are harder to discern this time, but such tracks as "Mary Kate Olsen" are irresistibly propulsive. If Sedgwick's debut was confined by its organizing principle, this album dances right past those limitations.