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Fly Girlz


Editorial Review

Fly Girlz is a hip-hop group whose members are all 12-to-14-year-old girls. So, yes, there's some inherent gimmickry, as there is bound to be whenever you have adolescents performing just about anything. But man, the group's CD, which is being released by local experimental label Sockets, is pretty fresh. That's probably how the girls -- Tamera, Tyshana, Vernice, Sharmaine, Ameena and Ashli, all students at PS 284 in Brooklyn -- would describe it, at least. For kids who weren't alive during hip-hop's golden era, they sure are influenced by it. The beats are mostly simple, sometimes spacey, no doubt thanks to the production work of Nathan Corbin from Brooklyn improv-noise collective Excepter. Things just keep getting weirder, right?

But it's the girls' rhymes that keep things grounded. They rap about the topics you'd expect -- boys, Brooklyn, low-rise pants -- and if the circumstances surrounding the recording make you skeptical, at least the girls are sincere with their rhymes. They probably don't think that it's "hip" and "neat" that their record producer's part of the Representing NYC project, which pairs native Brooklyn kids up with new-to-Brooklyn artists. They probably just think it's cool that they're in middle school and have a pretty awesome hip-hop album being released. The CD release party is tonight at Red.

--David Malitz, April 2009