Editors' pick

Frightened Rabbit


Editorial Review

Mark Jenkins wrote about Frightened Rabbit in June 2008 for The Washington Post:

The current fashion is for indie-rock groups to get bigger and bigger, adding trombonists, glockenspiel players and maybe the bass player's second cousin. Frightened Rabbit ignores that trend, yet the results don't sound small. "The Midnight Organ Fight" is so rousing and full-bodied that you'd never guess it was made by a trio. Some credit goes to the horn section that appears on a handful of tracks, but this Glasgow, Scotland, band can make a major noise with two guitars, occasional keyboards and one great drummer.

There's also frontman Scott Hutchison's voice, which is as outgoing as his lyrics are withdrawn. Loneliness and alienation dog the singer-guitarist, who introduces himself on the opening track as "The Modern Leper." If Hutchison was in a grim mood when he penned its words, the song nonetheless storms exuberantly into the heights, recalling such Celtic-rock pioneers as U2 and Big Country. Inside, Hutchison may feel like a frightened rabbit, but his band boasts a confident roar.