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It has been a decade since Jason Hamacher, Shelby Cinca and Nathan Burke went their separate ways. Their band, Frodus, was no more, and the fellas were enjoying the civilian life. Then came the Swedes.

"Last October, Division of Laura Lee was playing the Swedish Embassy. Their equipment went out, and someone suggested Shelby and I sub for a few minutes," Hamacher said. "And now our album, 'Conglomerate International,' is being released again " another, well, shock."

Frodus toured Sweden in 1998. Hamacher insists the band has no ulterior Scandinavian agenda. "We have no specific tie " but when we toured Europe, we always played with a Swedish band."

Ten years ago this week, Hamacher's then-girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer, Cinca's father suffered a stroke and Burke discovered his girlfriend cheating. The band split up, but the Swedes reunited it.

"The rerelease was surprising " I mean, the record is 12 years old. I just wasn't aware that there was a core group of people that still follows what we did, at least not enough to reissue a record."

"Conglomerate International" railed against big business. The offer to rerelease came as the U.S. economy was falling apart. Hamacher relishes the irony. "There were so many detrimental elements that brought Frodus to an end and a lot of elements that aligned themselves again that brought us back into being."

--Christopher Correa, Express (June 2009)