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On Friday, Oct. 28, Jones performs at Potts-Dupre Schoolhouse, 8 Columbia Ave., Takoma Park. On Saturday, Oct. 29, Jones performs at Amma house, 505 North Naylor St., Alexandria.

Album review: "The Wanting"

Glenn Jones is a masterful guitarist. This an easy conclusion to draw from listening to "The Wanting," his fourth solo album after a 20-year career in the psychedelic band Cul de Sac. His fingerpicking style, in the American Primitive tradition made famous by the iconic John Fahey (a one-time Jones collaborator), is fluid, elegant and superior.

But technical prowess is not what makes this album so compelling. It's the depth and range of emotion that Jones conveys in these instrumental compositions. Eight-minute opener "A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland, 1957" is a highlight that follows a leisurely, meditative path. While that song instills a sense of calm and stillness, the ensuing "The Great Pacific Northwest" feels like the beginning of a journey, gently ambling along while its open-ended nature allows the listener to envision his own accompanying landscape. Next is "The Great Swamp Way Rout," one of three brief songs on which Jones trades in guitar for banjo. They all serve as crisp interludes between the more complex, long-form material.

"The Orca Grande Cement Factory at Victorville" closes the album in grand fashion, an 18-minute epic in which Jones is joined by drummer Chris Corsano. There are some minor rumbles but never anything sinister. Like the rest of the album, it glides along gracefully and gorgeously.

--David Malitz, Oct. 28, 2011