Editors' pick

Grupo Fantasma


Editorial Review

Chris Klimek wrote about Grupo Fantasma for The Washington Post in June 2008.

Basic Story: For its fourth album, the Prince-endorsed 10-piece Latin groove collective pulls out all the polyrhythmic, multicultural stops.

Sample Grab: "It's time to pay up / We're tired of workin', workin' so hard / Can you hear us, we're asking again / Give us some money, whatever you got" -- "Gimme Some," the lyrical point of entry for non-Spanish speakers

What You'll Love: If Santana is too old-school and Ozomatli too hip-hop, Grupo Fantasma just might hit your nuevo Latin sweet spot.

What You Won't: It sometimes sounds like a (very good) Mariachi band charging through your living room. Only you can know whether this is a plus or a minus.