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Editorial Review

'One Year of Songs'
By Catherine P. Lewis
Friday, November 23, 2012

Local singer-songwriter Heather Mae Foard took on an ambitious project in October 2010: to write and record a song every day for a year. Out of those 365 songs, Foard (who records and performs under the name Heather Mae) chose 10 to re-record in a proper studio with a backing band and release as her first full-length album, “One Year of Songs.”

The studio polish suits Foard’s songs well, especially compared with the simplicity of her original recordings. A cello complements her ukulele on several songs, most notably the pleading “Just Stay,” while percussion and subtle backing vocals flesh out the vivid longing in her vocals on album standout “Mississippi Man.”

At times, Foard’s songs come across a bit like diary entries. “One Day Soon” and “One of These Days” both find her wistfully daydreaming about the future. That’s not a surprising perspective for a songwriter who sat down to write every day, but putting two such songs back-to-back on the album seems redundant. Still, Foard’s songs are charming even outside the context of the original project, and she captures her prolific streak with a reflective sigh on album-closing “Summer Road”: “I search for music inside of me.”