Hot Pink Delorean

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Editorial Review

Album review: "The Revenge of Sisyphus"

Everything on Hot Pink Delorean's new album, "The Revenge of Sisyphus," is designed around the moment when the beat intensifies and dancers thrust their arms high. This Boston techno/house trio doesn't make music for quiet contemplation or poetic self-expression. An offshoot of drum'n'bass group Terravita, Hot Pink Delorean emphasizes hammering rhythms, insistent vocal loops and raucously distorted timbres.

Despite an album title that references Greek mythology, the Hot Pink guys are playful and sometimes downright silly. The hip-hop and disco-diva clips of such jams as "If Y'All" and "Move It" rarely declare more than the title phrase, and the high-pitched vocals of "Get It On Tonight" might as well have been contributed by cartoon chipmunks.

Roaring through a dance-club sound system, these 19 tracks surely would have their intended effect. But the threesome also includes subtler passages to hold the home listener's attention. The festive "Right Over Here" features a horn hook that recalls Herb Alpert's jazz-pop and "Rhythm for Mars" a marching-band beat that accelerates until it's ready to blast off, only to detour into a reggae interlude. Then, of course, the beat crashes back in, cuing hands to shoot into the air.

--Mark Jenkins, Dec. 16, 2011