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HR Documentary Trailer Screening


Editorial Review

There are few rock icons more overdue for a film treatment than Bad Brains' gifted, eccentric and ferociously energetic frontman H.R., and finally, he's getting one. Catch the trailer of an H.R. documentary at DC9 along with music from all the different styles he's embraced. H.R. helped concoct Bad Brains' genre-defining blend of prog rock, jazz fusion and punk, but in his multiple stints away from the band he established himself as a serious and more tranquil reggae artist. DJs Eurok and Neville C. pull selector duties, and we're betting they'll cover the reggae angle. Then, Philadelphia's McRad (listen) performs, a skate punk band led by former skate pro and multi-instrumentalist Chuck Treece, who used to play with Bad Brains.

-- Rhome Anderson