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Iceage and Dirty Beaches


Editorial Review

Most appropriate for a dark club

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, and that goes double for music. But some bands are simply meant for dark, confined spaces. Two of them are Iceage and Dirty Beaches, which are teaming for one of the most foreboding shows of the summer. Iceage is a young band from Denmark that plays messy, urgent, unrefined and imperfect songs -- exactly what you want from teenage punks. A hint of violence lurks beneath the surface of their sinister songs and sometimes comes crashing through. Dirty Beaches' songs sound like the ghostly remains of a half-century-old jukebox, combining '50s rock-and-roll with bleak, minimalist electronic drones capped off by Alex Zhang Hungtai's often-terrifying, howling vocals.

--David Malitz, June 1, 2012