Editors' pick

In Flagranti


Editorial Review

If you’re an LCD Soundsystem fanatic who has been feeling weepy ever since James Murphy broke up his beloved disco-rock troupe after a three-hour farewell concert at Madison Square Garden last month, I pass you this album like an extra-large box of three-ply, aloe-scented facial tissues.

“Worse for Wear,” the latest disc from underrated European duo In Flagranti, is brimming with outsider disco tracks that proudly bounce alongside LCD Soundsystem at its most luxe. Producers Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor have learned how to execute that magical Murphy-ian switcheroo, making electronic instrumentals feel warm, loose and organic. On the nine-minute hustle of “Three-Piece Suit,” drum machines go rubbery and synthesizers sound like touch-tone phones dialing in tongues.

Fans of LCD’s popular, Nike-commissioned exercise mix “45:33” will especially love this stuff. If anything, “Worse for Wear” should keep us all on the treadmill until Murphy decides to get his band back together.

--Chris Richards, April 29, 2011