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CD Review: "Post-Nothing"

The members of Japandroids are all confused. They have something to say, but they're not sure they want you to hear it. So on "Post-Nothing," Vancouver din-rockers Brian King and David Prowse turn their observations into chants, reiterating them until they're inescapable. Then they bury those refrains in noise, so that listeners may not even notice them. Which, come to think of it, is also what they do to their surprisingly catchy melodies.

Admittedly, some of the duo's dispatches are more consequential than others. "Wet Hair" concludes with this manifesto: "Let's go to France so we can French kiss some French girls." But even at their silliest, the band's lyrics express a lust for life that isn't merely about lust. Philosophically, the centerpiece is the sprawling "Young Hearts Spark Fire," in which the singers protest, "I don't want to worry about dying."

The twosome also has another means of expressing its will to live: King's room-filling guitar chords, whose impact is broadened by distortion, and Prowse's arena-size drumming, which ranges from simple time-keeping to Keith Moon-style flourishes. At slower speeds, as on "Crazy/Forever," Japandroids do a reasonable impression of metallic boogie. But most of these songs move faster, which suits the band's almost-optimistic outlook.

-- Mark Jenkins, Weekend (July 2009)