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Editorial Review

K-OS's 2009 release, "Yes," might prompt cursory comparisons to the Kid Cudis or B.o.B.s of today, but K-OS's career as a hip-hop style chameleon predates them all. From the boogie woogie of "Crabbuckit" to his frenetic rework of a classic club jam on "Superstarr Pt. Zero," K-OS fluidly incorporates a variety of influences in a way that might have come across as dilettantism in less-capable hands. His 21st-century b-boy music has earned him two platinum albums in his native Canada. Taking that track record into account, his current forays into dance-pop make sense, and their lyrical heft makes them stand out from a group like the Black Eyed Peas, which followed a similar path to fame.

-- Rhome Anderson