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Katie Herzig

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Editorial Review

Album review: "The Waking Sleep"

Katie Herzig has quite the Tinseltown rsum, with her music heard on the television shows "One Tree Hill" and "Grey's Anatomy" as well as the "Sex & the City" movie. Her latest solo album, "The Waking Sleep," shows why: It's full of the swaying folk-pop fare that works well in pivotal on-screen moments.

That's not to say that Herzig's songs are good background music; there's plenty here that commands attention. The bouncy pop song "Best Day of Your Life" exudes enthusiasm, and "Free My Mind" has all the makings of a good radio single, from its up-tempo rhythm to its catchy hook. The lilting melody of "Wasting Time" builds with each verse, and the pulsing "Way to the Future" is instantly memorable with its zippy, toe-tapping beat.

Perhaps because of her Hollywood experience, Herzig's lyrics tend to veer into truisms; the wistful "Make a Noise" is particularly cliched. Still, on her less predictable songs, the words hardly matter. "Closest I Get" has the fragility of a music-box tune, and strings add an ethereal dreaminess to the title track. It is these moments of individuality that separate Herzig from the L.A. singer-songwriter pack.

--Catherine P. Lewis, Nov. 11, 2011