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Keller Williams


Editorial Review

Keller Williams is a musician whom adults may know. The Virginia native has recorded 16 albums with music including jazz, blues and rock. He often plays multiple instruments earning him the nickname “one-man jam band.”

Last year, he recorded his first album of music just for kids. Clever guy that he is, he called it “Kids.” The songs are perfect for kids ages 5 to 10 and features songs that kids will be able to relate to including: “Because I Said So,” “Taking a Bath” and “Keep It on the Paper” Some of the songs are also bound to make you giggle as well: “Mama Tooted,” “Soakie Von Soakerman” and the mind-blowing “The Fastest Song in the World.”

Williams is not only known as a fine musician but also as a pretty goofy performer. We expect he’ll be especially goofy when he performs songs from “Kids” in a special matinee performance in Washington on Saturday. If you go, just plan on humming a happy tune all the way home.