Kevin Seconds


Editorial Review

7 Seconds is one of those bands that you better be careful bringing them up around certain people. The hardcore pioneers may not have ever been the most popular band in the world, but the kids they connected with back in the '80s continue to carry the torch for them today, not unlike local bands like Minor Threat or Rites of Spring. On the title track of the most recent album by the Hold Steady, Craig Finn sings (well, speak-shout-sings, y'know) "The early 7 Seconds taught me some of life's most valuable lessons." That intense connection with fans has helped the band remain a cult favorite almost 30 years into its career, even if records and tours aren't a regular occurrence. But frontman Kevin Seconds has been using that extra time to embark on solo tours, and his current one brings him to the backstage of the Black Cat. Seconds has always seemed wise beyond his years, so just imagine how wise he is now that he's actually older. If you thought those early 7 Seconds taught some valuable lessons, just wait until tonight. As an added bonus, continuing the frontman-of-cult-favorite-band-goes-solo theme of the evening, Vic Ruggiero of rocksteady/ska stalwarts the Slackers is the opening act. As we wrote back in September, the band often gets lumped in with every other ska band in the world, but it's really Ruggiero's songwriting and voice that sets the band apart. This solo set should prove that very nicely.

--David Malitz (Feb. 2009)