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Album review: "Love Has No Recession"

Kindred the Family Soul - Philadelphia-based spouses Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon - is a sucker for soul music's classic blend of sweet harmonies and sweeter sentiments.

But the duo's new album, "Love Has No Recession," recorded long before Occupy Wall Street encampments began popping up, is charged by a series of socially relevant songs about financial hardship, rising despair and the power of hope.

Kindred makes its case with the help of several friends, including big assists from Raheem DeVaughn ("We All Will Know") and Bilal ("Take a Look Around"). The latter song, written by Kindred, Bilal and other tunesmiths, features the voice of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and an arrangement that swiftly brings to mind Marvin Gaye's socially minded legacy.

As for Snoop Dogg's "You Got Love" cameo (and the widely circulated video), it certainly hasn't hurt album sales. But leave it to Chuck Brown to rock the house on cue.

When the Godfather of Go-Go teams up with fellow guest DJ Cool toward the end of the album for "Going to the Go-Go," their party anthem couldn't be more welcome, invigorating or irrepressibly funky.

--Mike Joyce, Nov. 4, 2011