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Kings Go Forth Album Release Party

Rhythm and Blues

Editorial Review

The last time DJ Nitekrawler was involved with an old-school soul show in DC, I furiously blew up the phones of the soul fans I knew with text messages describing all the awesome they were missing. If you weren't at the Eccentric Soul Revue, you've got another chance to go back in the time machine and experience that good rhythm and blues. U Street Music Hall is a serious dance club, but across the room from the DJ booth is a live stage that will be put to use with a 10-piece band. Washington's own Sir Joe Quarterman will share the stage with Kings Go Forth, the popular midwestern outfit blowing up from a series of 45s in the style that Quarterman was making four decades ago. This is the dirty pretty sound soul loyalists love from the days when you had four mikes, two tracks and no overdubs to record an entire band. Local hero Mingering Mike will host the evening. He's been tentatively embracing his renown as the folk artist whose imaginary record albums sparked a worldwide fascination with his self-taught work, and local soul collector and researcher Nitekrawler spins before and after the bands.

-- Rhome Anderson (April 13, 2010)