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Album review: "Nu Revolution"

Grammy-nominated Afropean soul duo Les Nubians (sisters Helene and Celia Faussart) has been putting out a buoyant blend of globally informed pop, neo-soul, Afrobeat and funk since the late '90s. The sisters' sound has stayed much the same over the years, but on their new album, "Nu Revolution," they let go a little more, creating a punchier, funkier and, at times, more fun sound than ever.

The fun quotient is at its highest on "Afrodance," a punny ode to rocking out with an afro. Other standout tunes include the title track, the lush "Frai-cheur Souhaitee" and the percussive "Nu Soul Makossa." Most of the songs are in French, but there's just enough English so as to not leave those audiences behind.

The album also benefits greatly from several guests - rapper Blitz the Ambassador, Manu Dibango, John Banzai and R&B singer-songwriter and Howard University alum Eric Roberson (known to many as Erro). Roberson delivers an especially charismatic performance on "Deja Vous," offering snappy interplay with the two sisters.

"Nu Revolution" is not revelatory in the scope of the duo's history. But why change a good thing? This collection is the perfect fare for dancing your afro (or ponytail?) off.

--Jess Righthand, Dec. 2, 2011