Editors' pick

Lovefingers and Lee Douglas


Editorial Review

Do people still say "off the hook"? It's hard to keep up with slang these days. Anyway, if that phrase is still in use and it still means, roughly, "cool," then man, tonight's extravaganza at Comet Ping Pong is going very off the hook. Let us indulge in some hyperbole here and say that Lovefingers and Lee Douglas are sort of the Sasha and Digweed of the underground, nu-disco revival. No, their names won't be near the top of lists in DJ magazines, but they do spin around the world and have that knack for finding the deepest, funkiest cuts that really get people moving. This is going to be a sweaty one, so wear some shorts or something. Maybe you'll look a little ridiculous but nobody will notice because everyone will be breaking it down on the dance floor, trust us. Before Lovefingers and Lee Douglas do their thing, local duo Beautiful Swimmers will get everyone properly prepared by spinning their own disco delights. As if you needed more convincing, it's all free and will sound better than you can imagine thanks to the recently installed PA at Comet. Which is, of course, the newest, chillest nightspot in town. Yes, we think this will be a fun evening.

--David Malitz, April 2009