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Mika Miko

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Editorial Review

You don't need to know the names of the individual members of Mika Miko. The Los Angeles punk quintet is a single entity, as much a gang as a band. They simply belong together. Whenever they are onstage, it's a party. And not a party where people sip wine and talk about how badly their 401(k)s are doing. No, Mika Miko's shouty, spastic punk rock is the soundtrack for house parties where people drink the cheapest beer, dance on chairs and pass out on top of people they've never met. Songs rarely eclipse the two-minute mark, all buzzsaw riffs with a dash of funkiness from the rhythm section, maybe a bit of skronky saxophone and lots of declarative shouts -- "I don't like your widow's peak!" or "I want a turkey sandwich!" -- through a telephone-as-microphone. New album "We Be Xuxa" does a fine job of capturing the adrenaline rush of a live performance, but nothing equals the real thing.

-- David Malitz, May 2009