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Album review: "Demon Station"

There are plenty of pop moments on "Demon Station," an invigorating five-song EP by locals More Humans. Many come when members of the trio combine for sparkling vocal harmonies. But instead of hearing the usual "ooh oohs" or "yeah yeahs," you'll get a phrase such as "Welcome to the Childhood Home of Andy Warhol and Dan Marino." And that's not just a lyric - it's a chorus.

That balancing act defines "Demon Station," which presents a band that plays rock music with a sense of purpose and precision. Songs are jolting one moment and pretty the next, filled with twists and turns that add and release tension but never become a distraction. The crooked guitars that kick off "Mason-Dixon" suggest the non-stylized sounds of '90s indie rock everymen Chavez and Polvo, but the song quickly rumbles into a pristine, New Pornographers-esque chorus. The wordy chorus of "Warhol and Marino" (they're talking about Pittsburgh, by the way) turns into an unlikely singalong.

Music with sharp cuts and carefully considered vocals deserves stellar production, and that's another strength of "Demon Station" - it simply sounds great, perfectly crisp and clear. Even though it's only 14 minutes, the EP is packed with enough personality that you feel as if you really get to know More Humans and you quickly want to know them even better.

--David Malitz, Nov. 4, 2011