Editorial Review

Album review: "Time Capsules II"
By Brandon Weigel
Friday, Mar. 2, 2012

Oberhofer's music manages to visit many places on the indie pop map. At times, songs feel ornate and orchestral thanks to the grandiose instrumentation of xylophones, keys or strings. Other times, the music gives off the brashness and drive of retro-pop rock. Most often it's a little bit of both.

With "Time Capsules II," the Brooklyn band's first full-length album, these swings in mood and tempo give a sense of the jovial and the bittersweet, both of which come through in the heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics of 21-year-old lead singer and band namesake Brad Oberhofer.

The punchy, upbeat track "Cruisin' FDR," a bit of a throwback to the car songs of yesteryear, features Oberhofer sitting behind the wheel gushing: "I'm cruisin' down FDR /I'm driving my buddy's car /The sky's a little bit gray, but in a beautiful way /And you're not too far away."

Whereas album opener "Heart" is all dramatic sweeps with a side of regret and melancholia. "All that I asked for was a little bit of heart /I gave you my love and you tore me apart."

Though these shifts in dynamic can make "Time Capsules II" feel a bit uneven, Oberhofer's knack for a good, catchy melody - in reference to both the singer and his band - holds the album together and makes for an enjoyable listen.