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Album Review: "King of Jeans"

On the surface there's nothing friendly about the music made by Pennsylvania noise-rock band Pissed Jeans. The bass rumble is menacing, the guitars are either screaming or sludgy, the drums are always some variation of pounding and they all crash into one another like a trio of cars simultaneously running a stop sign.

Then there's vocalist Matt Korvette, who doesn't so much sing as launch phrases from his mouth as if they were projectiles. His growl isn't as terrifying as most death metal vocalists', but it's more distinctive. He isn't just conforming to a genre cliche; it's more that he simply needs to expel the words from his system, no matter how mundane they may be.

"Please keep me out the kitchen/I burn all that I bake/Why are all my allergies/Year round for heaven's sake?" he yells on "Half Idiot." Such observations are found throughout "King of Jeans," adding a humorous, everyman quality to the band's songs and making the music seem more welcoming.

Pissed Jeans isn't out to get anyone. Its cauldron of scuzzy noise might come off as foreboding, but it's actually pretty fun.

-- David Malitz, Weekend (April 2010)