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Album review: "Fracturing"
By David Malitz
Friday, Feb. 24, 2012

Get in, get your point across, get out. The formula for a good hard-core record hasn't really changed the past 30 years, and Police & Thieves isn't one to break with convention on "Fracturing." On this quick blast of a seven-song album, the local group highlights the best aspects of the genre with speedy, crunching, shout-along anthems.

Fast and loud is the norm, but the songs also boast a thundering low end that makes them hit with even more intensity. The band also has a knack for pacing, as it temporarily eases the full-speed-ahead momentum before launching back into an all-out frenzy. Many hard-core albums sound like a one-idea blur, but "Fracturing" sounds like a collection of songs.

Still the most important question remains - can you slam dance and shout along to it? The answer is yes, with singer Carlos Izurieta providing fist-pumping slogans. "Are we just living a lie? / Is this what we want out of life?" he screams/asks on "Race to the End" during a breakdown that doubles as the album's most groove-oriented moment.

"Don't waste time on regrets!" he instructs on "Doubt Crusades." Based on this album, Police & Thieves don't waste time, period.