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Psychedelic Horse[expletive]


Editorial Review

If you read David's stuff over at Post Rock -- if, ha, of course you do! -- then you're probably still laughing at that Psychedelic Horse[expletive] interview from a month ago. You know the one, where Matt Whitehurst, the very opinionated singer for the Columbus, Ohio, group spoke negatively of current "it" bands Wavves, Vivian Girls and No Age as if the members of those bands had killed his puppies. It's an entertaining read, even after the first dozen times, no matter whether or not you agree with his assessment that those bands are lo-fi imitators and talentless hacks, or if you even know what lo-fi is. If you don't know what lo-fi is, then seeing the band at the Velvet Lounge should give you a good idea. PH's songs are messy things. The hooks are there, but they are usually buried under some nasal vocals, harsh keyboards, blasts of guitar and, uh, the occasional bongo. There's certainly nothing stylized about PH's take on the most classic of indie rock sounds. It's warts and all, and that's a good thing. Catch them at the Velvet Lounge.

--David Malitz, April 2009