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Editorial Review

Civilian Arts Projects continues to be the place to be tonight, as the gallery will host a pair of musical acts that have long followed their own muse. Headliner Quintron is a true original -- the New Orleans one-man-band often uses an instrument of his own creation during his performances. Even Kanye West gave a shout-out to the Drum Buddy on his blog. Quintron uses that in addition to some other custom-made organ/synthesizer creations, and the result is a swirling, cacophonous mess of noisy electro-rock that you can dance to. It almost makes us think back to electroclash. Quintron is often accompanied by his shrieking, puppeteering wife Miss Pussycat, but tonight's performance looks to be Quintron on his own, which lessens the sideshow factor. Also on the bill is Kid Congo Powers, a regular at D.C.'s alternative venues. His resume from decades ago is nearly unparalleled (the Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) and he continues to offer his own distinct take on Americana.

--David Malitz (Nov. 2008)