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Radar Bros.

Please note: This event has already occurred.

Editorial Review

David vividly remembers seeing Radar Bros. almost nine years ago to the day. It was a cold, early December night, and most people he knew who were going to a concert that night were off to see Fugazi play a rare 9:30 club show. But the Radar Bros. album "The Singing Hatchet" had been on repeat for many months, and he was looking forward to hearing the stark, lugubrious slowcore songs. Apparently, he (well, and his friend he dragged along) was the only one. The two of them got a private show from the Radar Bros. that night at the Metro Cafe. (If nobody was there, you know it was at the Metro Cafe. Yes, it was a cold Sunday night in December and Fugazi was playing a few blocks away, but did any club get the word out worse than the Metro Cafe?) It was a very good show, if a bit awkward. Over the past decade the band hasn't strayed from its slow, spacey sound, and that's a good thing. They do it better than pretty much anyone and sometimes it's nice to find a band that knows its strengths and sticks to it. It'll be another cold, windy Sunday night in December for this show, but hopefully David won't be on his own at the Black Cat's backstage. The presence of spunky local keyboard/drum duo Aerialist (listen) should ensure that's not the case.

--David Malitz (Dec. 2008)