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Editorial Review

By Brandon Weigel
Friday, Feb. 3, 2012

Athens dance-pop group Reptar will inevitably receive comparisons to fellow Georgia weirdos Of Montreal, a band that has successfully - and sometimes unsuccessfully - merged disparate influences in electronic and psychedelic music into a new pop form.

Reptar, however, seems much more focused on writing dancier tunes with greater energy and bounce. And as a debut EP title as ludicrous and goofy as "Oblangle Fizz, Y'all" would seem to indicate, they are plenty spazzy but also more, well, fun.

Opening song "Blastoff" sets the table accordingly, mashing together electro-pop synth squiggles and world music grooves, dynamically shifting between the two in a little less than four minutes, and managing to do so without losing any dance sensibility.

It also helps that, at its core, Reptar's music prominently features big singalong choruses - whether they appear as bookends to an adventurous middle ("Blastoff," "Rainbounce") or crop up among slow-building genre transitions ("Context Clues," "Stuck in My Id").

So when the EP-closer "Phonetics" is stripped down to a languid piano and acoustic guitar, interest wanes quickly. Most of the fun is in the experimentation.