Simian Mobile Disco

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Editorial Review

Nancy Dunham reviewed "Temporary Pleasure" by Simian Mobile Disco in Oct. 2009:

Dipping into the way-back catalogue of indie "new wave" music of the '80s is a rare treat.

There was something raw about the music that compelled fans to take death-gripholds on it, lest they be washed away in the tsunami of over-produced pop that flooded airwaves.

In this computerized GarageBand-age, it's little wonder that indie-music fandom is again reaching new highs.

Among the upcoming indie stars is the synthesizer-heavy duo Simian Mobile Disco (SMD). Its mostly instrumental tunes are filled with bass and drums, odd honks and blasts and other made-for-the-clubs "Star Wars" sounds, but it still has that freshness that indie-music lovers seek.

With its album "Temporary Pleasure," SMD offers an array of electric, throbbing tunes punctuated with just enough vocals to keep the mix interesting.

Consider "Cruel Intentions," which features vocals akin to Donna Summer matched with Fergie, backed by rapid-fire keyboards and drums.

U.K.-based SMD may have been "born to synthesize" as the refrain goes in "Synthesise," but the sound is wildly contemporary and fun.

SMD raps "we like girls" in "Turn Up the Dial." Safe money says girls (and guys) will return the band's affections.