Telekinesis, Deep Sea Diver


Editorial Review

By Moira E. McLaughlin
Friday, May 3, 2013

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a loud, gritty rock guitar and a burst of sweaty, intense drumming that kicks in midway through a song. That’s what happens right off the bat on “Dormarion,” the new album by Telekinesis (a.k.a. Seattle musician Michael Benjamin Lerner).

The second track, “Empathetic People,” keeps the hard--driving energy flowing with a slam of the drum, more dirty guitar and Lerner’s vocals, which fit perfectly above the thick rock grime. (For “Dormarion,” Lerner also enlisted the help of drummer Jim Eno of Spoon.)

But “Dormarion” is more than just rock--and--roll. Lerner is a poetic lyricist, and beautiful, simple love songs are interspersed throughout the album. Such songs as the sweeping “Island #4” and “Lean on Me,” which is reminiscent of Buddy Holly, expose Lerner’s sweeter side.

On the simple song “Symphony,” he muses, “I do believe that we are machines and we search til our parts intersect.”

“Dormarion,” named after the street where Lerner recorded the album, will not disappoint Telekinesis fans. From loud indie rock to mellow love songs, it speaks to listeners’ hearts and inspires them to let it all go.