Editors' pick

The Hall Monitors


Editorial Review

Every town needs a garage rock scene, and a pretty fine one is emerging in D.C. Who needs Little Steven Van Zandt to bring his past-their-prime relics to town when we've got fine bands like the Hall Monitors? The quartet plays fuzzy, bluesy garage rock that sounds like it came straight off the "Nuggets" box set. Or at least one of those dozens of "Pebbles" compilations that soon followed. Garage rock is a genre in which originality is about the 43rd most important trait for a band to have; it's much more important to get those guitars just right and to be able to convincingly pull off the retro sound. And the Hall Monitors do that with ease. Catch them at the Velvet Lounge with the Fishnet Stalkers and the rockabilly-flavored Have Mercys, another fairly new local garage entity.

--David Malitz (December 2006)