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The Homosexuals


Editorial Review

Mark Jenkins reviewed a November 2008 performance by the Homosexuals for The Washington Post:

In 1978, singer Bruno Wizard and his cohorts decided that their London punk band's name was insufficiently confrontational. And so the Rejects became the Homosexuals, a tag that helped assure the group's obscurity. After taking a 24-year break, Wizard recently reactivated his old outfit. And so the Homosexuals made their Washington debut, just three decades late, Thursday night at the Velvet Lounge. The band's latest edition matches the flamboyant 58-year-old singer with three New Yorkers who look to be about half his age.

As tight as Wizard was diffuse, the trio made such Homosexuals tunes as the heroic "Hearts in Exile" and the sinuous "You're Not Moving the Way You're Supposed To" sound as if they should have been hits.

The Homosexuals' recordings -- even the new "Love Guns?" EP -- are actually much rougher and weirder, with zero commercial potential. Onstage, all that remained of the group's strangeness was Wizard himself. He reanimated the '70s spirit with glam-rock theatricality and remarks that ranged from political to self-aggrandizing. But the backing musicians' finesse rendered Wizard's back catalogue too conventional to deserve its cult reputation.