Editors' pick

The Jesus Lizard


Editorial Review

When trying to decide what to wear to Thursday's Jesus Lizard show at the 9:30 club, common sense should take priority over fashion. First, most of audience for the the reunited sludge rock quartet's show will be dudes in their late-30s, wearing ripped jeans and the T-shirt of some long forgotten '80s punk band. So don't feel the need to dress to impress. Next, whatever you wear will quite possibly get ripped, sweated on -- or worse. The pandemonium of a Jesus Lizard show cannot be understated: expect wild-eyed frontman/howler David Yow to do his first stage dive approximately 3.2 seconds into the first song, sobody armor might be the proper outfit. The gut-punch intensity of the band's songs more than match Yow's antics. This is one show guaranteed to have you reeling the next morning, in every sense.

--David Malitz, Nov. 2009