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The Oranges Band

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Editorial Review

As the underground music scene in Baltimore exploded and made minor (read: blog) stars of pretty much any semi-"hyperactive" band from Charm City with a few keyboards, the rub did not extend to veteran indie rockers the Oranges Band. The group has been chugging on for almost a decade, playing crisp, catchy tunes that only seem to get better over time. "The Oranges Band Are Invisible" is its third full-length CD and is a bit of a concept album. Perhaps in response to all the recent attention on Baltimore's current scene, singer/guitarist/songwriter Roman Kuebler takes a look back at the city's past on songs such as "Ottobar Afterhours," "Gordon's Nightclub" and "Do You Remember Memory Lane?" No matter the lyrical content, you can always count on an abundance of hooks in the band's songs and the concise new album (just eight songs) offers plenty. The album won't officially be out for a few months, but tonight's show at the Red & the Black serves as a pre-release show, so you can get the album before anyone else. And maybe blog about it so more people will be excited when it comes out this spring. Locals Deleted Scenes (listen) open things up.

--David Malitz (Nov. 2008)