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The Points


Editorial Review

The Points may not score many for innovation. But in an era when bigger is often perceived as better, when any band with a laptop and some synthesizers can make huge-sounding recordings, you could argue that the D.C. trio (now a quartet) and its approach of plug in, play fast and play loud is actually innovative. Sure, buzz-saw guitars, brashness and songs about girls have been staples of punk rock since the Ramones first blitzkrieg bopped, but every once in a while a band comes along and makes that formula sound entirely fresh. The Points are that band.

On its debut album (released on Mud Memory Records, a label run by Washington Post employee Justin Moyer) the band tears through a dozen punk-rock anthems in less than half an hour, each one packed with hooks, attitude and singalong choruses. Songs like "No Girl" and "Never Gonna Trust My Heart" ooze attitude and accurately capture the chaos of the band's live performances, but are classic pop songs at their core. There's also a simple universal appeal to singer Geo White's one-liners like "I lost my head losing my mind" or "No girl's gonna rip my brain / No girl's gonna make me insane." "The Points" is a reminder of how fun and exciting rock-and-roll can be.

-- David Malitz (Dec. 2008)