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Tittsworth and Nadastrom


Editorial Review

In a time of recession, some of you may be looking to get into some holiday excess. That jibes well with the fact that Will Eastman is all about doing things increasingly bigger. He's teaming his Blisspop brand with Brightest Young Things to take over the 9:30 club tonight for a holiday party helmed by Nadastrom and Tittsworth, two of the hottest purveyors of dance-floor filth on the circuit today. The title of Nadastrom's newest record can't even be printed here, but the formula is remix concepts that build into frenzied party workouts. The DJ/producer team of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom shares a strain of Baltimore club DNA with international party titan Tittsworth, who got his start on the drum 'n' bass scene that Bob Jong Ill and Ken Lazee will be repping hard for at tonight's bashment.

-- Rhome Anderson (Dec. 16, 2008)