Editors' pick

Tortured Soul


Editorial Review

The underground dance music scene in New York City has been fertile ground for many sweet treats that have graced turntables and the ears of blissful dancers the past few years. Many of the treats that linger longest in the crates of discerning house-music DJs bear the oak leaf motif of the Central Park record label, home to classic releases by a group called Tortured Soul. Their sultry modern disco sounds are the brainchild of their drummer Christian Urich, also known to acid jazz fans as the founder of Cooly's Hot Box. When disco grooves morphed into garage and house, the DJ became the iconic force behind the music, rather than the house bands working for the labels that pumped out the nightclub hits of the '70s. Tortured Soul brings the music back full circle by performing as a drums, keys and bass trio; Urich handles vocal duties as he simultaneously pounds out the four-to-the-floor pulse.

-- Rhome Anderson